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      Trading Plans
45 Tips 2 Months90 Tips 4 Months200 Tips 10 Months
 Nifty Option Most popularRs 10990 PayRs 13200 PayRs 15300 Pay
 Stock OptionRs 4800 PayRs 5900  PayRs 8200 Pay
Banknifty optionRs 7200 PayRs 8200 PayRs 10200 Pay
 Nifty FutureRs 8200 Pay Rs 13200 Pay Rs 15300 Pay 
Stocks FutureRs 5900  PayRs 8200 Pay 
  Banknifty FuturesRs 5900  Pay Rs 7200 Pay Rs 8200 Pay 
 Stocks cashRs 5900  PayRs 7200 Pay 
 Commodity MCXRs 5900  Pay    Rs 7200 Pay 
 Forex                         Rs 5900  PayRs 7200 Pay   

Learn Technical Analysis +

Tips + 3 software

RS 20400         

Stocks Cash delivery

Rs 8200 Pay
Account Handling Nifty Option 
below 2 lakh capital charges

55 Tips 3 Months   Rs 17850 Pay  

100 Tips 6 Months Rs  19990 Pay 

200 Tips 12 Months Rs 24990  Pay                     

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Following are the ways to subscribe to our service:

  • online transfer payment gateway click on Pay  
  • We accept payments via Cheque. 
  • Through fund Transfer using Net Banking.
  • Rs 50 Extra For Cheque Deposit
  • Rs 100 Extra For Cash Deposit                



Payee Name: V R P CAPITAL

Payee Name: V R P CAPITAL

A/C: 017605004249        

A/C: 50200019685664

IFSC Code: ICIC0000176

IFSC Code: HDFC0000253

Payee Nick Name: VRPCAPITAL

Payee Nick Name: VRPCAPITAL

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