Account Handling for Options

Vrpcapital has come up with a new service known as Account Handling. Since many people are not making much profit and are not able to book higher profits at right time, we have introduced this concept of Handling you Demat account. We are a Team of highly qualified and experienced employees, therefore your account will be monitored from 9am to 3.30pm. Your trader screen is always watched and stop losses or profits are booked at right time. This service is mainly for those who cannot watch their Trader screen continuously, or those who have handle more than one business. Many people face more loss while trading because they do no put stop loss limit in their Trader terminal, but in Account handling , as soon as the call is generated we put the stop loss limit price to avoid more loss to be occurred. We also know, when to hold the calls, and when to book the profit so that we can increase your capital. Always trading is done per lot , only when market position is very good that moment we can go for 2 lots or more.

                Your account handling can be started by submitting us the below listed details:

  • Initially, you need to provide your broker name, trading software etc
  • Your Demat account User Id, Password, Transactional password, security ques etc
  • All these above details should be sent to us through email.  vrpcapital complaints 

After we start trading in your Demat account, all the details of Trading will be sent to you by email. You can also login and check your demat account at the end of day. So start your Account handling service today to earn more profit.

Option Trading Plan

A revolutionary one of its kind derivative trading consulting package on option segment ,.This service is for traders with a intraday to 1-week swing trade time horizon, who will receive advice on option segment as well as daily nifty analysis. We provide clients advice and handcrafted trading ideas with proper professional instructions.Our analysts on a consistent basis keep scanning the options segment stocks with advanced indicators and software's which at an early stage predict the future movement of the underlined option
1] Provides trading advises on option segment including Nifty option.
2] Advises based on chart formations, technical analysis and psychological analysis.
3] Depending on market volatility frequency of tips would be decided.
4] Proper Entry, Exit and follow-up message till the trade is closed via SMS and Y-msgr.
5] If we give any positional calls then we clearly mention in the SMS that its positional call.Basically positions are aimed to be booked intra-day,but occasionally positions are held but not more than 5 days.
6] Monthly accuracy of 95%

Future Trading Plan

This service is for traders and investors trading in nifty futures,bank nifty and stock futures segment,who look to benefit from short-term trends.

1] Provides trading ideas on nifty and stock futures segment, along with bank nifty.
2] Advises based on chart formations,technical analysis, and psychological analysis.
3] Depending on market volatility frequency of tips would be decided.
4] Basically positions are aimed to be held for intraday to 1 week basis.
5] Monthly accuracy of 95 %.

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