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 VRP Capital & Derivative market services  is a financial market advisory firm specialising in Derivative segment of National stock exchange of India.We provide stock market commentary along with technical chart analysis on derivative markets of India and major global indices.

VRP Capital has been promoted by a team of Experienced Technical Analysts,providing clients advice and handcrafted trading ideas on Derivative segment of national stock exchange.Our analysts on a consistent basis scan the options segment stocks in real-time with advanced indicators and software's which at an early stage forecast the future movement of the underlined securities.  vrpcapital complaints is a trading portal providing Stock Market Analysis, Advisory and mentorship services.

Facts About Stock Market

  • Stock market is not for the go get quick rich mentality people,because There are no shortcuts when it comes to making money, and trading is no different.
  • 95% of traders do not know where they have been, where they are or where they are going in their trading. They operate like a plane in a fog trying to fly with no instruments. They are disorganized, uncertain, anxious, fearful and eventually are forced out of the stock market.
  • There is no such thing as a "born trader," because people are born — or learn very early — to respect the laws of physics. The natural tendency of people is to apply physics to financial markets .This respect is so strong that they apply these laws even in inappropriate situations.
  • Majority of people think stock market movements are basically result of news or economy or company fundamentals.The real truth is stock prices are 80% psychological,deriving from the mass public mood.and chart patterns.
  • Stock prices are neither 100% predictable every single day, nor are they absolutely random or 100% unpredictable.

The Inspiration

Stock markets are assumed to be very risky by some people,they are also assumed for creating sustained returns for investors. Both these assumptions are half-truths or lies. The real truth is that 95 % of traders eventually at the end of month /year never make consistent net profit from capital invested in their career.All the go get quick rich mentality people are forced out of stock markets. The stories of people getting rich overnight from stocks are false advertisements made by people with vested interests such as brokers.Day trading is another false concept of trading.No person can have enough reasons to daily buy or sell on constant basis. 

  • Now if everyone makes loses in stock markets,then who makes the real money...Something is missing somewhere,because even if agreed 95% make losses,but then the rest 5% must make entire money which is lost by 95% people.
  • The answer lies in DERIVATIVE TRADING STRATEGIES.These are derivative products which are used by professional traders,to make money on a consistent basis irrelevant of any conditions.At VRP Capital we show how a disciplined approach of trading in DERIVATIVES can definitely benefit traders
  • In the process of finding solution to these questions ,we finally decided to have an investment and trading portal VRP capital whose main object would be to promote the challenging world of DERIVATIVE trading.All through, one thing  that kept us together was an urge to be different ,and to be distinct from rest all conventional stock market advises.  vrpcapital complaints 

To know the why and what of option trading : Call Us .Our associate will guide you and explain what is option trading and how can it generate consistent returns in any market conditions.

Why Are We Different

In the world of stock markets ,there are 100's of tips service providers.Countless of tips are daily prepared by thousands of analysts and brokers ,which are easily accessible..So now the most important point comes why are we different and why our tips are different?

Following are the points which differentiate us from rest all conventional trading advisors :

  • We will be writing market analysis and commentary, providing important website links  which are needed to be monitored.
  • Unlike most other Trading websites, our goal is not to  just provide trading ideas and tips.But we teach traders how to be an efficient independent trader with proper knowledge.  vrpcapital complaints 


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